cloned black bears, 2005


cloned red camels, 2005


3cloned yellow ponies, 2006


cloned blue retrievers, 2006

19x15x12cm, galerie Salvador Paris_

cloned green retrievers, 2006


cloned green sheep, 2006


cloned red giraffes, 2006

21x15x12cm, gallerie GKM Malmo Sweden

cloned blue cows, 2006

21x15x12cm, galerie Salvador, Paris

cloned blue labradors, 2006


cloned orange ostriches, 2006


cloned blue gooses, 2006

19x12x15cm, galerie Salvador , Paris

cloned orange wolves, 2006

19x15x12cm, galleria Novalis Torino

cloned pink Terriers, 2006

19x15x12cm, gallerie GKM Malmo Sweden

cloned red donkeys, 2006


cloned green baby elephants, 2006

21x15x12cm, collection Mazzotta Milano

cloned orange rhinos, 2006

19x15x12, collection Vansteene Belgium

cloned pink cows, 2006


cloned turquoise kangeroes, 2006

21x15x12cm, galerie Savador Paris

cloned yellow sheep, 2006

21x15x12cm, gallerie GKM, Malmo Sweden

cloned red mooses, 2006


Mini Animals

A collection of miniaturised cloned animals preserved in their natural habitat.

Cloning has the ability to scale species by genetic manipulation; make tiny animals of giants, and giants of little ones. The survival of the fittest no longer applies, and the food-chain pyramid gets turned upside down…

These small groups of cloned monotonously coloured animals in preservation boxes, with fossilised key-elements from their natural environment instantly evoke the most critical questions about scaled cloning.

The boxes feel like a science project, as if they were displayed in labs or historical evolutionary museums.

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