still-live, 1994

150x120cm 1

still-live, 1994

150x120cm 2

still-live, 1994

150x120cm 3

still-live, 1994

150x120cm 4

still-live, 1994


Still-life, 1994

50x50cm, private collection

Still-life, 1994


Jans brainstormers, 1995

30x30x10 cm , private collection

Miseras turbot, 1996


Installation Galerie Artiscope Brussels, 1996

private collection

Willys Turkish fruit dessert, 1996

30x30x10 cm, private collection

Castellis red tiramisu, 1997


Nature morte, 1997

120x120cm ,private collection_

Food Paintings


This period of William works pictures our beloved foods in a very ‘yummy’ way, yet screams for critical consideration of the deterioration of our food-chain.

The wars abroad in the nineties were a huge inspiration for William, but so were the public health scandals right at home too…

Practically in his own backyard, the greed of the cattle industries had catastrophic effects to the public health. The beginning of the nineties were marked by the Belgian hormone affair, and thereafter the dioxin crisis in 99, a major food intoxication scandal, has led to the fall of the reigning government.

In the midst of all this the BSE epidemic (mad cows) in Britain broke loose. How can one have an appetite considering the cattle is fed the remains of other cattle in the form of meat and bone meal…and that bone meal is used in all kinds of other foods for humans… While the cattle in the US has been fed crops, as should since cattle are NOT carnivores, these crops, and those for humans, started being genetically manipulated…

slaughtered BSE cows

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