fossilied breads , 1969

collection Frank Maieu , Antwerp

Generations , 1970

25x18cm, multiple 25 ex

Generations in action, 1972

260x180cm, photos in resina

Portrets 1960s girlfriend, 1974


Three Genereations , 1976

20x45x10 cm

Art movement for cultural transmission nr1 , 1977

175x150cm, destroyed-photos in resina

Art movement for cultural transmission nr2, 1977

175x150 cm

Oh what a lovely world nr3, 1977

170x170 cm

Oh, what a lovely world nr1, 1977

170x170cm,private collection , photos in resina

Mother was here , 1978

40x40 cm

Mother was here , 1978


Strategical games nr1100x60x10cm, 1980

private collection, photos in resina

Strategic games , 1980

100x60xx10 cm

Strategic games , 1980

100x60x10 cm

Strategic games , 1980


Cultural Fossils


William Sweetlove understands the importance of cherishing memories and thus culture from the past…

During the seventies and later he has been preserving culture by fossilising pictures of his environment. To prove that memories are always stronger than the elements, he even buried many of his fossilised pictures, to be uncovered again many years later.

William believes the future generations should rediscover their cultural roots… Selfportret, May 1975

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