cloned blue apso dogs, 2004


cloned pink hippos on a rock, 2004


cloned orange dogs, 2004


cloned blue goates, 2005

65x50x35cm, gallerie GKM, Malmo Sweden

cloned red lions, 2005


cloned red French bulls, 2006

65x45x35cm, private collection

antelopes in the zoo, 2006

200x60x45cm, resina, 8pcs

cloned blue labradors, 2006


cloned green Retrievers, 2006

65x45x35cm, galerie Salvador Paris_

cloned green giraffes, 2006

65x50x35cm, gallerie GKM, Malmo Sweden

cloned green sheep with bread, 2006


cloned purple poodles, 2006

65x45x35 galerie Salvador, Paris

cloned rhinos, 2006


cloned wild board, 2006


cloned blue buffels, 2006


cloned blue bulldogs, 2006


cloned blue hippos in bushes, 2006


cloned labradors with croissant, 2006


cloned orange camels, 2006

50x40x30cm, collection Klein Paris_

cloned orange dinos, 2006

41x35x25cm, galleria Tornabuoni Firenze

cloned purple antelopes, 2006


cloned red elephants, 2006

45x25x15cm, galleria Tornabuoni , Firenze

cloned turquoise female lion in the park, 2006


cloned yellow elephants, 2006

40x35x35cm, galleria Tornabuoni Firenze

cloned blue rhinos with croisant, 2006


cloned green monkeys with bread, 2006


cloned orange French bulldogs, 2006

90x45x35cm, Guy Pieters gallery Knokke Belgium

cloned pink shepperd dogs, 2006

91x18x11cm, galleria Tornabuoni Firenze

cloned yellow wild bear, 2006


four cloned green terriers, 2006

41x19x19cm, galleria Tornabuoni , Firenze

2cloned orange antilopes, 2006

41x17x18cm, gallerie GKM Malmo Sweden

4cloned blue antelopes, 2006

91x20x16cm, collection galleria Tonabouni

cloned donkeys with bread, 2006

50x50x50cm, galleria Tornabuoni , Firenze

cloned red chihuachihuas, 2006


cloned red marmots, 2006

65x40x35cm, Guy Pieters gallery Belgium

Clone green panters, 2006

91x25x18cm, private collection

cloned orange gnoes, 2006

65x25x20cm, galleria Novalis_Torino

cloned pink elephants, 2006

41x30x24cm, galleria Tornabuoni Firenze

cloned pink rhinos, 2006


cloned red giraffes, 2006

121x225x15cm, galerie Salvador Paris

cloned red tigers, 2006

95x05x35cm, private collection Roma

cloned turquoise boxer-dogs, 2006

90x18x12cm, Fioretti Studio Bergamo Italy

cloned red antilopes, 2007

50x45x35cm, galleria Novalis Torino

Cloned Zoo

Your own personal zoo, for your entertainment…

If you want to preserve an entire personal zoo in your living-room what better(and more efficient) way to do it than with William’s cloned zoo’s.

You did know that 2 foot living donkeys have been cloned… so it’ll be only a matter of time before these hand-sized animals happily entertain you…and the meat for your dinner will originate from giant square cattle…

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