Bread for all


Absurd wars, absurd solutions : Bread on wheels were symbolic solutions for the Yugoslav wars.

Further exploring the concept of capturing the signs of the times William started working on projects communicating our most basic need: Food, and the lack thereof in many countries at war. This series was inspired by the Yugoslav wars that were daily televised in the 90’s, as if it were reality TV entertainment. In a powerless situation to do anything about it, all an artist can do is raise awareness of the absurd realities that rooted these wars. So William presented his symbolic solutions for the wars: Bread on wheels. If things get too sad, one can better laugh about it…

Humour, an important ingredient in William’s work evolved from a narrative element in his Cultural Fossils to a playfully clashing of kitsch and need in his ‘bread for all’ work;

As he combines luxury toys with basic necessities like bread, fossilised for preservation of course.

tanks in Slovenia

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