head orange retriever, 2006


4cloned green bears and bread, 2006


head blue chihuahua, 2006

35x35x15cm, Fondationne Mazzotta Milano

head blue shepherd, 2006


head green shepherd dog, 2006


head orange shepherd, 2006

45x45x15cm, galleria Glauco Milano

head yellow french bulldog, 2006

45x45x15cm, galerie GKM , Malmo Sweden

head yellow pitbulldog, 2006


heads of 3 blue wild boar, 2006


ead green english terrier, 2006

35x35x18cm, galleria Novalis, Torino Italy

Animal Heads

One day our own heads will be mounted against the wall…

The cloned animal heads mimic hunting trophies, mocking their kitsch and the human desire to show his strength over other species. Of course in William’s universe all this could soon change around….

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